Scooter Blenny or Starry Stellate Dragonet



The Scooter Blenny, also known as the Starry DragonetScooter Dragonet, or Stellate Dragonet (Synchiropus Stellatus), is a small fish with a large head with top mounted eyes and a small pointed mouth. It has a starry pattern of red and white splotches scattered across its body with bright blue spots on its head, and is indigenous to the Indian Ocean. Their moniker of “Scooter” comes from the way they they seem to scoot across the bottom of the tank.

Scooter Blenny or Starry Stellate Dragonet require lots of live rock work to create caves and hiding places, and should only be introduced to a well established tank with enough microfauna scattered in the substrate for it to eat. They will also take prepared fish foods. The  Scooter Blenny can be kept either singly or in groups but usually with only one male. They can reach up to 5″ inches in length and need a tank of at least 50 gallons to thrive.

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