Pajama Cardinalfish or Coral Cardinalfish



The Pajama Cardinalfish also known as the Coral Cardinalfish, Spotted Cardinalfish, Polkadot Cardinalfish (Sphaeramia Nematoptera) is a popular aquarium fish. It grows to a total length of about 3.3″ inches and features distinctive red eyes and a broad dark vertical “waistband” with scattered red spots toward the tail. It can be found throughout much of the western Pacific Ocean, from Java to Fiji, and from the Ryukyu Islands South to the Great Barrier Reef.

The male Pajama Cardinalfish or Coral Cardinalfish incubates the eggs in its mouth until they hatch. And although its bold coloration may stand out, Pajama Cardinalfish or Coral Cardinalfish has a peaceful nature that lets it blend perfectly into any community saltwater aquarium.

For the best care, the Pajama Cardinalfish or Coral Cardinalfish should be kept in small schools in suitably sized aquariums of at least 30 gallons. Because the Pajama Cardinalfish is a slow and methodical swimmer, it should be housed with peaceful tank-mates and offered a plethora of hiding places among rock-work or plants.

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