Sailfin Snapper or Blue-Lined Sea Bream



The Sailfin Snapper or Blue-Lined Sea Bream (Symphorichthys Spilurus) is a species of Snapper Fish native to the Indo-Pacific region. It inhabits coral reefs in areas with sand substrates at depths from 5 to 60 meters. It is a solitary fish, only coming together with others of its species to spawn. Sailfin Snapper or Blue-Lined Sea Bream can reach a length of 24″ inches. Its body shows blue undulating stripes over a yellow body, an orange stripe crossing the eye, and another one at the back of the head. It has typically a black spot at its tail. Sailfin Snapper or Blue-Lined Sea Bream is a stately saltwater fish that is beautiful as a juvenile and an adult. As a juvenile, its golden color with hints of blue is highlighted by a horizontal stripe running mid-line down the body.

Because of its high, flowing fin, aquarium mates must be selected with care. Some other fish may nip at this gentle giant. Because it does grow large, the Hifin Snapper needs ample space to grow – a 150-200 gallon tank minimum. Multiple Sailfin Snapper or Blue-Lined Sea Bream may be placed in the same aquarium (best done simultaneously), but adults are best kept singly.

With Sailfin Snappers or Blue-Lined Sea Breams any shrimp, snails, or worms; any crustaceans, being part of its natural diet, will likely be eaten. Other meaty frozen preparations will typically be readily accepted. As an active swimmer, it is best to the feed Snappers multiple times daily or, at minimum, a good portion of food daily.

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