King Angelfish or Passer Angelfish



King Angelfish or Passer Angelfish is a large marine angelfish of the family Pomacanthidae. Due to its large size and bright colors it is a popular aquarium fish. King Angelfish or Passer Angelfish are sexually isomorphic, meaning males and females are visually identical on the outside. They do, however undergo significant changes in coloration and to a lesser degree shape as they mature. Juvenile King Angelfish are primarily yellow, with iridescent-blue-rimmed fins and blue striping towards the posterior of their bodies, and an orange mask around the eye. Sexually mature Passer Angelfish, on the other hand, have mostly brown or blue bodies (depending on the light) with the same blue rimming around the fins and a yellow dorsal fin.

King Angelfish or Passer Angelfish generally grow to 13.78″ inches long. They have between 18 and 20 rays in their dorsal fin and each of their pectoral fins, and 17 to 19 in their anal fin. They also have a strong spike under their lower cheek for defensive purposes. King Angelfish or Passer Angelfish also clean Scallop Hammerhead Sharks.

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