Coral Beauty Angelfish or Twospined Angelfish



The Coral Beauty Angelfish, also known as the Twospined Angelfish, or Dusky Angelfish (Centropyge Bispinosa), is a marine Angelfish. Some individuals have a dark purplish blue body with yellow to red stripes, and usually an electric blue rim; others are orange stripes dominate, with the purple distributed in spots. Some in bright orange forms are very similar in appearance to the Golden Angelfish. The Coral Beauty Angelfish or Twospined Angelfish is native to the Indo-Pacific where it lives in coral reefs and lagoons. It reaches a maximum length of 3″ inches.

The Coral Beauty Angelfish or Twospined Angelfish eats algae. When kept in an aquarium they may have a tendency to nip on corals, especially soft corals and clam mantles. This species is suitable for beginners, as it is considered one of the hardier Dwarf Angels. Due to their high metabolisms, feeding usually needs to be done at least every other day. Once established, they are generally a long-lived species.

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