Black Volitan Lionfish or Red Volitan Lionfish



The Black Volitan Lionfish and Red Volitan Lionfish (Pterois Volitans) is a venomous coral reef fish. Natively found in the Indo-Pacific region, but has become an invasive problem in the Caribbean Sea, as well as along the East Coast of the United States, because they reproduce monthly and are able to quickly disperse during their larval stage for expansion of their invasive region. As with many species within the Scopaenidae family, it has large, venomous spines that protrude from the body, similar to a mane, giving it the common name Lionfish. The venomous spines make the fish inedible or deter most potential predators. The average Black Volitan Lionfish or Red Volitan Lionfish lives around 10  to 15 years.

Red Volitan Lionfish are clad in white stripes alternated with red, maroon, brown stripes. Adults in this species can grow as large as 18.5″ inches in length, making it one of the largest species of Lionfish in the ocean, while juveniles are typically shorter than 1″ inch.

Black Volitan Lionfish are one of the most durable and long lived and largest of the Lionfish family. The Black Volitan comes in variations of brown, tan, and dark brown though occasionally you can find them in reddish shades of brown, rust and a very dark brown that is almost black in color. True black is rarely available.

The Black Volitan Lionfish or Red Volitan Lionfish will usually tolerate being kept in the aquarium with other Lionfish. They will eat smaller fishes, ornamental shrimps and crabs.

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